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What does SantaSpeaking.com do?

SantaSpeaking.com provides authentic Santa Claus experiences for children through live phone calls and personalized letters from Santa.


The live phone call from Santa is ordered and scheduled by parents or other family members who provide details on the recipient child, such as gifts the child is hoping to receive, his/her behavior at home, and any other special particulars that will make the call more personal to the child.


The same is done for the letters, which are delivered by mail. SantaSpeaking.com also provides up-to-the-minute info on where Santa is on Christmas Eve and Santa's blog about his day-to-day activities with Mrs. Claus during the year as they prepare for Christmas. Children can also read the North Pole Gossiper (Santa’s local paper), check the North Pole weather and get holiday recipes courtesy of Mrs. Claus.


SantaSpeaking.com is like Santa’s own personal Web site (managed by a team of elves, of course).


Who is Anne Gaskell?

Anne Gaskell is SantaSpeaking.com’s Founding Elf. Known as “Elf Annie” around the shop, Anne has three children (Santa Believers) and is devoted to helping deliver wonderful, lasting Christmas and Santa Claus memories to little ones around the world.


What about children who are not Christian?

SantaSpeaking.com has found that children worldwide believe in the magic of Santa Claus, regardless of their religious background. Children benefit from having faith in a spirit that represents these values, and it is SantaSpeaking.com’s commitment to foster this magical spirit in all Santa Believers.


SantaSpeaking.com’s goal is to focus simply on the spirit of Santa Claus and all that that entails - the essence of goodness and generosity which is universal to all Santa Believers.


What happens when Santa calls a child?

When a call from Santa is ordered, it is scheduled for a specific date and time. SantaSpeaking.com recommends that the child or children receiving the call know in advance so they can look forward to it. When Santa calls, he’ll ask for the child/children and talk with them about the topics provided when the call was ordered, such as their gift lists, brothers or sisters, significant events of their lives, etc. Listen to a Sample Call! (MP3)


A call for one child usually lasts about three to five minutes, during which time Santa tries to answer any questions the child may have. Group calls (up to three children) usually take about 8-10 minutes.


The call can also be recorded and a gift CD will be sent that the child can open on Christmas Day. This way, the child can relive his/her conversation with Santa over and over again (and they do!). Many parents schedule calls each year, which provides a wonderful series of recordings the children can listen to as they get older.


How much do the calls cost?

A single call costs $15.00. A single call including a CD recording (which doubles as a tree ornament) is $18.95. Extended calls (for families with up to three children) are $39.95 and include a CD recording. MP3 recording files are also available at $9.95. The MP3 files are nice to be able to send to family or friends by e-mail. Orders placed after December 15 will include an extra charge.


Where is SantaSpeaking.com based?

SantaSpeaking.com is based in Sioux City, Iowa; however plans to establish other locations are in the works. Santa, of course, is based at the North Pole.


If you have a specific question not answered here, please contact us.



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